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  • Full Care Pasture Board:

           Pasture board is available on a very limited basis to those wishing to be in our program                   but with horses that prefer being outside or cannot afford stall board. Board includes                       twice daily checks, feeding, and blanket changes as needed. $450

  • Full Care Stall Board

            Full care board includes daily turnout, feet picked daily, medicine administering,              stall cleaning, feeding, blanketing, and complete access to the facilities. $850

  • Full Care PLUS:                                                                                                                           All the perks of Full care stall board PLUS four lessons or training sessions for         your horse! $1000

  • Partial Training: 12 sessions per month. $1250

  • Full Training: 20 sessions per month. $1500



     *All training packages are permitted to have one training session per week                       replaced by a lesson for the owner.

  • Individual Training Rides

             Available on-farm and off as schedule permits. 

  • Lessons 

            Available on-farm and off as schedule permits. $65/lesson.                                                                   $25 travel fee within 30 minutes, $50 over 30 minutes. 


  • Clinics 

           Contact Mattalyn to discuss availability and rates for clinics

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