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About the Trainer

Classical Dressage meets Thoughtful Horsemanship


      Trainer Mattalyn Rogers has a diverse yet focused education in the horse world. As a teenager, she dove into the deep end of Natural Horsemanship studying the techniques and teachings of good horsemen and women. Along with her background in Hunter/Jumpers, she was allowed to serve as a young-stock trainer to a breeder of elite Warmbloods, where she honed her skills in problem solving and developing young horses. She then began pursuing her true passion: combining natural horsemanship with the art of Dressage. 


      Mattalyn is a USDF Bronze Medalist, earned entirely on her self-trained and owned mare, Windrose. With an impressive and consistent show record, she is highly qualified to train and compete Dressage horses from the lower levels to FEI. 


      Click here to go to the gallery and see what Mattalyn and her students have been up to. Also check out our Calendar to keep up with events we have coming up!

      Mattalyn has learned from some amazing individuals, including Harry Whitney, a renowned clinician; the late, great Mark Russell: author and Natural Dressage clinician; USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist Erin Brinkman; Iris Eppinger of Germany, who is also a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist; celebrated International Dressage rider and clinician, Jim Koford; International rider JJ Tate, Herwig Radnetter, chief rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, and many others. 


      Mattalyn spent several years in Florida at the esteemed Valhalla Farm where she worked as a working student/assistant to her trainer, and then went on to be the barn manager and assistant trainer.

      During this time she was allowed to immerse herself in the art and sport of Dressage and truly commit to it. She spent countless hours managing, riding, and training Warmblood horses of the highest quality, and learned from the best in the industry about handling High Performance Dressage horses as well as Breeding stallions and a breeding/foaling program. 


      Here at Mattalyn Rogers Dressage we believe in kind, gentle, yet effective methods to achieve a respectful, yet loving and harmonious relationship. Helping horses feel good about their work and helping riders be clear and consistent in order to achieve their goals is what we are about here. Horsemanship. The right way. 




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