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Where Dressage and Horsemanship come together 

Mattalyn Rogers Dressage is based out of Topside Farm in Knoxville, TN. We offer full-care boarding, training, lessons, sales, and more to the greater-Knoxville area. Our expertise lies in Dressage from a thoughtful and gentle approach. We focus on relationship, relaxation, and trust and then work to develop the horse mentally and physically. 



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     We offer training to horses unstarted through FEI, with special rates and packages to breeders and owners with FEI quality youngsters. Lessons are available for all ages and experience levels on school horses or your own! Upper level horses available to learn from as well. Clinic opportunities with various FEI riders from around the world are available, and also a show schedule that is sure to keep you on your toes! Sales horses are welcome, with great exposure in Dressage markets. 


     Whether you are simply interested in learning to ride and understand horses better, develop your own horse up the levels, or hoping to earn your USDF medals, we can help you achieve your goals!


Visit the rest of the website for more information about the trainer, farm, and horses. Then visit the Contact Us page to schedule your meet and greet!



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